Why we need to clean up our oceans

The Ocean is beautiful to look at, explore, cruise on, and take pictures. But, unfortunately, under all that beauty lays a heartbreaking monster. We have dumped a lot of garbage into the ocean that ocean life is getting affected!

There is plenty of plastic waste that has made its way to the ocean. You may be thinking, what harm will a “little” plastic do? But, the repercussions of this waste will affect generations of human life if nothing is done!

It is heartbreaking to watch ocean life roaming freely in its habitat only to be accosted by plastic waste. Some have died in the process and others have been maimed. If we wish to preserve marine life then we need to actively clean its habitat.

Why do we need to clean up the ocean?

  • Marine life can ingest plastic waste and ultimately die
  • Marine life can get entangled in plastic waste and get maimed or die
  • All that waste finding its way into the ocean will ultimately cut down on oxygen and result in millions of dead marine life
  • With the shortage of oxygen in parts of the ocean, marine life will be forced to migrate and ultimately disrupt the balance of marine life in the new place
  • Swimming or bathing in contaminated water will ultimately affect your health
  • If not cleaned up, the economic impact of the polluted ocean will be felt for generations. It will affect the fishing industry, the shipping industry, and the tourism industry among others
  • If the ocean is not clean, it will ultimately affect the weather
  • A clean ocean will continue reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • One way or the other, we need ocean water to survive

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to get rid of every pollutant or waste in the ocean. For every patch that we clean, unfortunately, more waste makes its way to the water. But, we should not give up and we should actively clean it up.

We are responsible for cleaning up the ocean. I say “we” because it ultimately affects all of us. If we actively clean the waters, we will preserve marine life and make it possible to enjoy the beautiful ocean years down the road.

Much as we may work towards finding solutions to the pollution, such as cutting down on plastic usage, we cannot turn a blind eye to all the cleaning that needs to be done!

How can we actively help?

  • We can actively cut down on plastic waste. Forget about disposables and embrace recycling.
  • If you live near the beach then you should actively volunteer to clean up the trash that is left behind
  • Hold companies or individuals accountable (exercise equipment companies have started doing their part by reducing their production line’s carbon footprint, as an example). Ask your favorite restaurant why it insists on wasteful plastic packaging
  • Watch the chemicals you add to your plants and lawns as they may make their way to the water system and ultimately the ocean!
  • Be mindful of how you use water at home as it ultimately affects the water system.

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