How you can help clean up our oceans

Did you know that it is estimated by the year 2050 we will have more plastic than marine life in the ocean? We dump over eight million metric tons of plastic into the ocean annually! That is more than this water body can handle!

The ocean is so polluted that there are 5 giant garbage patches around the world and 500 dead zones where marine life simply won’t thrive.

So how can you help clean up our ocean?

Be mindful of the waste you emit

It starts with actively paying attention to the waste you emit. The next time you pick up those disposable plates or cups, ask yourself, how will they be properly disposed of so that they don’t end up in the ocean! When buying clothes, pay attention to the material. Synthetic fiber emits small particles that escape treatment plants and makes their way to the ocean. Since it doesn’t degrade easily, the buildup of the same over time will suffocate the ocean!

Actively volunteer for ocean clean-up activities

Many organizations are working to clean the ocean. You can volunteer to be part of the team. You can also actively clean up beaches near you and the river banks to limit the amount of waste that makes its way to the ocean.

Take care of the agricultural nutrients you use

The next time you pick up that pesticide or fertilizer, be mindful of whether it will negatively affect marine life if it makes its way to the ocean!

Reduce your carbon footprint

If we don’t reduce our carbon footprint, with years to come, the ocean will be more acidic than it is. You can reduce your carbon footprint by limiting movement in private means as much as possible, especially if your car is not environmentally friendly. You can also do so by paying attention to the amount of energy you consume. Do you really need all the lights on in the house?

Vote environmentally conscience leaders and make the ones in office accountable

It is important to have environmentally conscience leaders in office, this way, they will work towards finding solutions to the dirty ocean.

Recycle as much as you can

If you buy or use plastic, ensure that you recycle as much as possible.

Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a brother or sister

Actively engage those around you about the effects of a dirty ocean. Advocate for minimal waste and proper disposal of plastic. Also, advocate for recycling and limiting the use of products that may negatively impact the ocean such as some pesticides, clothes, beauty products, and jewelry.

Support organizations that actively clean the ocean

Every penny counts in the fight to clean the ocean. Donate as much as you can to organizations that make it their mission to clean the ocean!

If you must smoke, do it right

Dispose of your cigarette butt well and avoid littering.


If we all actively work towards cleaning the ocean, we will not have to worry about the sickening research that estimates that by 2050 we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean!

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