How dirty are our oceans?

The Ocean is wide and mysterious with plenty of marine life still undiscovered. Unfortunately, pollution making its way to this beautiful water body may lead to the death of the undiscovered life and that that we already know. From chemical pollution to plastic waste, we are not giving the ocean the break it needs to thrive.

So how dirty are our oceans?

Well, decades of studies show that if we continue polluting the ocean like we have been then by 2050, we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish! That should make any sane person pause in horror!

Every year, tones of unmanaged waste find their way to the ocean. This waste affects marine life. Some  marine lives have been lost while others have been maimed.

There are over 500 dead zones in the ocean thus far where marine life is no more thanks to pollution. With the increasing number of dead zones, marine life is forced to migrate to “cleaner” parts of the ocean. This in turn disrupts the marine eco-system as the new marine life in a new spot is alien and may not get along with the species they find there.

The ocean is so dirty that every year, we lose millions of marine life to plastic waste alone! Imagine how much life is lost due to other pollutants such as chemical waste!

It is no longer news to find marine life entangled in plastic. Not to mention the millions that ingest the plastic.

Statistics indicate that there over 8.3 million tons of plastic being discarded into the ocean every year! That you give you pause! Imagine how much of that finds its way inside marine life bodies.

Plastic doesn’t degrade easily. It can take anywhere from 500-1000 years! Before long, we will have more plastic in the ocean than beautiful marine life. It will be fish swimming over plastic instead of the beautiful ocean bed!

As if the ocean is not suffering enough with plastic waste and chemical pollution, it also has to deal with agricultural runoffs and untreated sewage! Do you how much untreated sewage finds its way into the ocean?  Add to the list ocean mining, littering, air pollutants, and maritime transportation, and you have a very dirty ocean indeed.

The dirty ocean doesn’t only negatively impact marine life, it also affects human health. All toxic waste and pollution are affecting the reproductive system of marine life. We may be looking at extinct life before we even discover it.

The ocean is so dirty that there are reports of fish floating dead on the water because of the lack of oxygen! Research shows that tiny synthetic fibers and plastic microbeads (the kind used in personal care products) make up between 205-520 million pounds in ocean waste. These particles are too small to be filtered out by treatment plants and so they escape into the ocean.

We are emitting plenty of carbon to affect the ocean’s acidic levels. If we keep this up, we will have a very acidic ocean in the years to come! The dirt is so much that there are so far 5 giant garbage patches on the ocean. The patches are large enough to cover twice as much as Texas.

The ocean is dirty, too dirty for comfort and unless we actively work together to make it clean, we will not have a beautiful ocean in years to come!

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