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2020 – The year of clear, defined vision.

Ocean Revival 2020 as a team are always looking for those companies who are forward thinking, environmentally conscious, and innovative in their designs. It also seems very fitting that at the turn of the decade, we enter the year of clear, defined vision. We set ourselves a huge task for the year of 2020, to become the world’s first people to row an ocean rowing boat from Brooklyn Bridge New York, 3700 miles all the way across the North Atlantic, to finish at Tower Bridge in London. A task that could potentially take up to and longer than 70 days at sea, that will see the team face the high rolling perilous seas of the North Atlantic and face a routine that will consist of each individual member rowing for over 12 hours of each day. But our goal was clear, and we knew what direction we needed to travel in.

So why? Why would anybody put themselves into a position of such discomfort? Childhood dreams, unlocking your full potential, to put yourself into a position of suffering, the question has many layers. But over the past 14 months, one objective has become very clear, and that has been the fight against plastic pollution. If we can use our challenge of Ocean Revival 2020 as our platform, we can then seek out meaningful opportunities from here in order to turn the tide against plastic pollution entering our seas. 

We teamed up with the charity Plastic Oceans U.K and have created an assembly style presentation that has now been delivered to over 10,000 children. The aim is simple, it is split in two halves. The first of which is to get them thinking outside the box about their own childhood dreams, to motivate and inspire the next generation to keep on dreaming big and that anything is possible. The second half, after the initial attention grabber, is all about plastic pollution. For this, we have teamed up directly with Plastic Oceans U.K to create an activity that is there to plant a seed into the minds of the younger generation to not have the same habits, attitudes and beliefs that has got us into the position which we face today. 

With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans on a daily basis, it goes without saying that this is a mass scale human made catastrophe. The indestructible nature of this product is destroying our oceans, and the damages could well be irreversible. This is where we hope to make a positive impact, to be the conduits of change. By going around schools and giving assemblies to the younger generation, we are hoping to inspire them to not make the same mistakes that we made whilst growing up. This is what has brought us to ZEISS sunglasses. We as a team are always looking for those companies who are willing to do things differently, who are challenging themselves to make a difference, and are willing to take responsibility for their own plastic consumption

2019 was a hugely successful year for the team at ZEISS, who are constantly working to reduce their plastic waste. We here at Ocean Revival seek out inspiration from like-minded companies, who are willing to take the challenge which we face head on, and not shy away from their own ethical and environmental responsibilities. With these sustainable improvements very much leading the way in the industry, we hope to see other companies looking up to ZEISS as a role model and positive influence for everybody else to see.

ZEISS are proudly celebrating their achievements by supporting the team here at Ocean Revival 2020 all with ZEISS AdaptiveSun lenses. It goes without saying, that given the harsh conditions we expect to face, we are also expecting to spend a lot of time in direct line of the sun. These lenses will provide us with full UV protection, and also reduce the glare from the water’s surface (we are expecting to see a fair bit of water on our voyage believe it or not). Due to the versatile nature of these smart lenses, the team will be able to wear them in all conditions. The lenses automatically adapt their colour intensity to range from very bright conditions, to the more dark, gloomy stormy conditions we can also expect to endure during any North Atlantic storms.

ZEISS and Ocean Revival’s values have very much been in alignmentand this has made the collaboration between both seem pretty seamless. We hope to inspire others, whether that is individuals, or whether that is whole companies, to look at plastic differently, to alter their own plastic consumption, and to discard of it appropriately. Through individual responsibility, we can bring about a collective change.

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